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Church Safety Teams and the LockNow Safety App

Churches have always been sanctuaries for the faithful, yet throughout history, they’ve also faced threats of violence, vandalism, and other forms of harm. From the Viking invasions of early English monasteries to contemporary incidents, these threats have persisted. In recent years, violence against churches has been on the rise. Consider these headlines:

  • “Church Shootings Happen Often Enough That There’s a National Church Shooting Database” – Pacific Standard, June 19, 2015
  • “Churches Boost Security as Violent Incidents Grow” – USA Today, July 7, 2013
  • “Violent History: Attacks on Black Churches” – The New York Times, June 18, 2015
  • “Violent Incidents at Churches Are Rising” – Christianity Today, June 7, 2016

Such incidents underscore the need to prioritize church safety and security. Since 1999, there have been over 1,500 deadly force incidents in U.S. churches, resulting in nearly 800 deaths and numerous injuries.

Types of Threats

Church safety encompasses both external and internal threats. External threats can include violence or vandalism, while internal threats may come from individuals within the congregation who intend harm. Vigilance is crucial to identify and mitigate these risks. The LockNow Safety App is designed to help churches manage these threats effectively, allowing them to monitor activities, track incidents, and communicate in emergencies.

The Role of a Church Safety Team

A Church Safety Team consists of church members dedicated to ensuring the safety of the congregation. These teams play a crucial role in maintaining security, streamlining safety processes, improving visitor experiences, and addressing emergencies. The LockNow Safety App aids these teams by providing tools to coordinate safety efforts, document incidents, and maintain a secure environment.

Ideally, safety teams consist of individuals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military service, or professional security, as their skills in access control, patrol techniques, emergency response, and perimeter security are invaluable. The LockNow Safety App supports these efforts by offering features that provide immediate communication and coordination among team members.

Why Church Safety Teams are Needed

Security consultant Carl Chinn’s research into church-related violence reveals a significant need for safety teams. His study found that between 2000 and 2017, over 1,500 deadly force incidents occurred in churches across the United States. These incidents were triggered by various factors, including domestic violence, personal conflicts, crime, religious bias, mental illness, and random acts of violence. A church safety team is the first line of defense against these risks, and the LockNow Safety App provides the tools to help manage them.

Structure and Organization

A Church Safety Ministry typically includes a Church Safety Committee, a Director of Church Safety and Security, and a Church Safety Team. The LockNow Safety App can facilitate their efforts with features designed for each role.

Church Safety Committee

Develops policies and procedures, assesses risks, manages the safety budget, facilitates training, and acts as a liaison with church leadership. The LockNow Safety App helps streamline communication and documentation.

Director of Church Safety

Develops emergency response plans, manages the safety team, leads drills, and ensures compliance. The LockNow Safety App supports these tasks by providing tools for organizing safety plans and tracking team activities.

Church Safety Team

Conducts safety inspections, participates in training, performs patrols, responds to emergencies, and monitors church facilities. The LockNow Safety App enhances these efforts by enabling team members to communicate effectively and report incidents in real-time.

In the next post, we’ll explore how to build church safety teams that can better protect against human and natural threats and handle medical emergencies during worship or church events. To learn more about church safety or how the LockNow Safety App can assist in creating a safety team, contact us today.


What is the LockNow Safety App?

The LockNow Safety App is a comprehensive tool designed to help churches manage safety and security threats by providing features for monitoring activities, tracking incidents, and facilitating communication during emergencies.

Why do churches need safety teams?

Safety teams are essential in mitigating risks of violence, vandalism, and internal threats, ensuring the safety and security of the congregation.

How can church safety teams be formed?

Church safety teams can be formed by selecting individuals with relevant backgrounds in law enforcement, military service, or security, and providing them with appropriate training and resources like the LockNow Safety App.

What roles are included in a Church Safety Ministry?

A Church Safety Ministry typically includes a Church Safety Committee, a Director of Church Safety, and a Church Safety Team, each with specific responsibilities to ensure comprehensive safety measures.

How does the LockNow Safety App support church safety teams?

The LockNow Safety App supports church safety teams by providing tools for communication, incident tracking, and coordination, making it easier to manage safety efforts and respond to emergencies effectively.

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