Pittsburgh Church Security

Pittsburgh Church Security

LockNow Church Security serves churches near Pittsburgh by providing safety planning and training materials to Church Safety Directors and Security Directors.  Locknow provides the resources needed to prepare and implement safety mitigation practices.  This allows church safety teams to evaluate their facility and structure a safety plan that fits their needs.  No need for safety team members to do exhaustive research seeking safety plans, we structure the process for you.   

Locknow Church Security provides services to churches of all sizes across the Pittsburgh area. Our church safety package is structured and easy to adapt to fit your facility’s needs. Our training has been developed with a wealth of experience, resources and collaboration in the safety, security and education professions.

Randy is a school administrator and school protection officer with over 25 years of experience.  He has experience in teaching facility safety practices and communication.   He is a certified instructor and provides safety training for churches, schools and businesses.   

What We Do:

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About Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh ( pits-burg ) is a city in the commonwealth of pennsylvania in the united states, and is the county seat of allegheny county. A population of about 301,048 residents live within the city limits, making it the 66th-largest city in the u.s. The metropolitan population of 2,324,743 is the largest in both the ohio valley and appalachia, the second-largest in pennsylvania, and the 27th-largest in the u.s. Pittsburgh is located in the south west of the state, at the confluence of the allegheny, monongahela, and ohio rivers. Pittsburgh is known both as for its more than 300 steel-related businesses and as the for its 446 bridges. The city features 30 skyscrapers, two inclined railways, a pre-revolutionary fortification and the point state park at the confluence of the rivers. The city developed as a vital link of the atlantic coast and midwest, as the mineral-rich allegheny mountains made the area coveted by the french and british empires, virginians, whiskey rebels, and civil war raiders. Aside from steel, pittsburgh has led in manufacturing of aluminum, glass, shipbuilding, petroleum, foods, sports, transportation, computing, autos, and electronics. For part of the 20th century, pittsburgh was behind only new york and chicago in corporate headquarters employment; it had the most u.s. Stockholders per capita. Americas eighth-largest bank, eight fortune 500 companies, and six of the top 300 u.s. Law firms make their global headquarters in the area, while rand, bny mellon, nova, fedex, bayer and niosh have regional bases that helped pittsburgh become the sixth-best area for u.s. Job growth. In 2015, pittsburgh was listed among the ; the economists downtown. At the 2010 census, there were 305,704 people residing in pittsburgh, a decrease of 8.6% since 2000. 66.0% of the population was white, 25.8% black or african american, 0.2% american indian and alaska native, 4.4% asian, 0.3% other, and 2.3% mixed. 2.3% of pittsburgh’s population was of hispanic or latino origin of any race. Non-hispanic whites were 64.8% of the population in 2010, compared to 78.7% in 1970.

If your church is seeking assistance with enhancing security measures, feel free to contact us at LockNowApp.com. Our team specializes in providing comprehensive safety solutions for churches, schools, and businesses. We are dedicated to helping you create a secure and welcoming environment that allows your congregation to worship and grow with peace of mind.

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