Enhancing safety through realtime communication

Locknow Safety App: Protecting People Together

Vast and ever-growing community of satisfied customers

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Currently Protecting Over 9000 People

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Immediate Situational Awareness

Panic button ability provided facility-wide enabling immediate awareness.Active threat alert includes the threat location.

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Facility-Wide Communication

Employees share critical information throughout the crisis.As the situation develops, all staff stay informed.

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Intuitive Interface

Simple, user-friendly design for quick action under stress.A fast and effective way to respond when time is of the essence.

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Fast Onboarding

Simple setup via Excel for swift deployment.Concise training to get your team up and running quickly.

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Emergency Preparedness

Includes a “drill” feature with all alerts assisting you with facility preparedness.Practice exactly how you would respond in an emergency.

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Cooperating authorities can be included in the alerts.Allows authorities to see internal facility communication during crisis.

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“I highly recommend the LockNow Safety App to you as a valuable and affordable emergency communication solution for your organization.

Sarah K. Jones, Director of Corporate Services

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Unlocking Safety: The LockNow Safety App – Your Solution to SwiftCrisis Response

The LockNow Safety App ensures swift crisis response with immediate alerts, continuous communication, and versatility for all emergencies, providing your institution with a comprehensive solution for safeguarding lives

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Instant Alerts: Rapid Response to Active Threats.

Instant alerts ensure immediate awareness of threats, sending real-time notifications to all users, providing clear guidance, and promoting swift, coordinated responses for enhanced safety.

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Seamless Communication: Staying Informed and Connected During Emergencies.

Seamless Communication feature enables continuous information sharing during emergencies, promoting quick decision-making and coordinated responses among users through real-time messaging and updates

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Fast Onboarding: Get your School Protected Now.

Simple setup via Excel for swift deployment. Concise training to get your team up and running quickly.

Here’s what some of our customers aresaying

Dr. Ritchie Kracht

Superintendent, Clark County

Setup was quick with good instructions for our staff to follow and most importantly the app will be easy to operate in a high stress situation.

Dr. Richard L. Asbill

Superintendent Bolivar District

We implemented the LockNow App in our District and are pleased with the results. The Apps allows all administrators or any employee to initiate, receive notice, and follow information during an emergency.

Josh Angel

Superintendent, Marion C. Early

LockNow has features that are easy to use and can help deliver critical information when time is of the essence.

Empowering Safety and Security Through Versatile Solutions

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Immediate Notifications  

Swift notifications save lives.

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Seamless Communication 

Effective coordinationthrough seamlesscommunication.

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Quick Onboarding 

Straightforward setupand concise training torapidly get your team up and running.

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