Orange County Church Security

Orange County Church Security

LockNow Church Security serves churches near Orange County by providing safety planning and training materials to Church Safety Directors and Security Directors.  Locknow provides the resources needed to prepare and implement safety mitigation practices.  This allows church safety teams to evaluate their facility and structure a safety plan that fits their needs.  No need for safety team members to do exhaustive research seeking safety plans, we structure the process for you.   

Locknow Church Security provides services to churches of all sizes across the Orange County area. Our church safety package is structured and easy to adapt to fit your facility’s needs. Our training has been developed with a wealth of experience, resources and collaboration in the safety, security and education professions.

Randy is a school administrator and school protection officer with over 25 years of experience.  He has experience in teaching facility safety practices and communication.   He is a certified instructor and provides safety training for churches, schools and businesses.   

What We Do:

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About Orange County

Orange county is located in the los angeles metropolitan area in the u.s. State of california. As of the 2010 census, the population was 3,010,232, making it the third-most populous county in california, the sixth-most populous in the united states, and more populous than 21 u.s. States. Its county seat is santa ana. It is the second most densely populated county in the state, behind san francisco county. The countys cities are on the pacific coast, including huntington beach, newport beach, laguna beach, dana point, and san clemente. Orange county is included in the los angeles-long beach-anaheim, metropolitan statistical area. Thirty-four incorporated cities are in the county; the newest is aliso viejo, which was incorporated in 2001. Anaheim was the first city, incorporated in 1870 when the region was still part of neighboring los angeles county. Whereas most population centers in the united states tend to be identified by a major city with a large downtown central business district. The county is a tourist center, with attractions like disneyland, knotts 25 most conservative. However, the county’s changing demographics have resulted in a shift in political alignments. In 2016, hillary clinton became the first democrat since 1936 to carry orange county in a presidential election and in the 2018 midterm elections the democratic party gained control of every congressional seat in the county. Although democrats control all congressional districts in orange county, republicans still maintain a lead in voter registration numbers, although it has shrunk to less than a percentage point as of february 10, 2019, as compared with over 10% on february 10, 2013. Republicans also hold a 4-1 majority on the county board of supervisors. Seven out of the 12 state legislators from orange county are also republicans. According to the u.s. Census bureau, the county has a total area of 948 square miles, of which 791 square miles is land and 157 square miles is water. It is the smallest county in southern california. The average annual temperature is about 68 f.

If your church is seeking assistance with enhancing security measures, feel free to contact us at Our team specializes in providing comprehensive safety solutions for churches, schools, and businesses. We are dedicated to helping you create a secure and welcoming environment that allows your congregation to worship and grow with peace of mind.

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