Tampa Bay Church Security

Tampa Bay Church Security

LockNow Church Security serves churches near Tampa Bay by providing safety planning and training materials to Church Safety Directors and Security Directors.  Locknow provides the resources needed to prepare and implement safety mitigation practices.  This allows church safety teams to evaluate their facility and structure a safety plan that fits their needs.  No need for safety team members to do exhaustive research seeking safety plans, we structure the process for you.   

Locknow Church Security provides services to churches of all sizes across the Tampa Bay area. Our church safety package is structured and easy to adapt to fit your facility’s needs. Our training has been developed with a wealth of experience, resources and collaboration in the safety, security and education professions.

Randy is a school administrator and school protection officer with over 25 years of experience.  He has experience in teaching facility safety practices and communication.   He is a certified instructor and provides safety training for churches, schools and businesses.   

What We Do:

Church Security | Church Security Training | Church Security Guidelines | Church Security Ministry | Church Safety and Security | Safe Church Training | Church Safety and Security Plans | Church Active Shooter Plans

About Tampa Bay

Tampa bay is a large natural harbor and shallow estuary connected to the gulf of mexico on the west central coast of florida, comprising hillsborough bay, mckay bay, old tampa bay, middle tampa bay, and lower tampa bay. The largest freshwater inflow into the bay is the hillsborough river, which flows into hillsborough bay in downtown tampa. Many other smaller rivers and streams also flow into tampa bay, resulting in a large watershed area. The shores of tampa bay were home to the weedon island culture and then the safety harbor culture for thousands of years. These cultures relied heavily on tampa bay for food, and the waters were rich enough that they were one of the few native american cultures that did not have to farm. When the first european explorers arrived in the early 1500s, the tocobaga was likely the dominate chiefdom in the area. The indigenous population had been decimated by disease and warfare by the late 1600s, and there were no permanent human settlements in the area for over a century. The united states took possession of florida in 1821 and established fort brooke at the mouth of the hillsborough river in 1824. The communities surrounding tampa bay grew tremendously during the 20th century. Today, the area is home to about 4 million residents, making tampa bay a heavily used commercial and recreational waterway and putting much stress on the bay’s ecosystem, which had once teemed with wildlife. The bay was seriously polluted by the early 1980s, resulting in a sharp decline in sea life and decreased recreational use. Much greater care has been taken in recent decades to mitigate the effects of human habitation on tampa bay, most notably upgraded sewage treatment facilities and sea grass restoration projects, which has resulted in improved water quality over time. The term is sometimes used as shorthand to refer to all or parts of the tampa bay area, which comprises many towns and cities in several counties surrounding the large body of water. Local marketing and branding efforts commonly use the moniker, furthering the misconception that it is the name of a particular municipality when this is not the case. Approximately 6,000 years ago, tampa bay formed as a brackish drowned river valley type estuary with a wide mouth connecting it to the gulf of mexico. Prior to that time, it was a large fresh water lake, possibly fed by the floridan aquifer through natural springs. Though the exact process of the lake-to-bay transformation is not completely understood, the leading theory is that rising seas levels following the last ice age coupled with the formation of a massive sink hole near the current mouth of the bay created a connection between the lake and the gulf.

If your church is seeking assistance with enhancing security measures, feel free to contact us at LockNowApp.com. Our team specializes in providing comprehensive safety solutions for churches, schools, and businesses. We are dedicated to helping you create a secure and welcoming environment that allows your congregation to worship and grow with peace of mind.

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