Paterson Church Security

Paterson Church Security

LockNow Church Security serves churches near Paterson by providing safety planning and training materials to Church Safety Directors and Security Directors.  Locknow provides the resources needed to prepare and implement safety mitigation practices.  This allows church safety teams to evaluate their facility and structure a safety plan that fits their needs.  No need for safety team members to do exhaustive research seeking safety plans, we structure the process for you.   

Locknow Church Security provides services to churches of all sizes across the Paterson area. Our church safety package is structured and easy to adapt to fit your facility’s needs. Our training has been developed with a wealth of experience, resources and collaboration in the safety, security and education professions.

Randy is a school administrator and school protection officer with over 25 years of experience.  He has experience in teaching facility safety practices and communication.   He is a certified instructor and provides safety training for churches, schools and businesses.   

What We Do:

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About Paterson

Paterson is the largest city in and the county seat of passaic county, new jersey, united states. As of the 2010 united states census, its population was 146,199, making it new jerseys population estimates program calculated a population of 145,647, a decrease of 0.4% from the 2010 enumeration, making the city the 180th-most-populous in the nation. Paterson is known as the for its dominant role in silk production during the latter half of the 19th century. It has since evolved into a major destination for hispanic immigrants as well as for immigrants from india, south asia, and the arab and muslim world. Paterson has the second-largest muslim population in the united states by percentage. Paterson is at the bottom part of passaic county, which is near the north edge of new jersey, as a county which spans some hilly areas and has dozens of lakes. The county covers a region about 30 20 miles wide cuts across south of paterson, near clifton, nj. The passaic river winds northeast past totowa into paterson, where the river then turns south to passaic town, on the way to newark, further south. According to then-mayor jose torres, paterson had 52 distinct ethnic groups in 2014. Patersons muslim population has been estimated at 25,000 to 30,000. Paterson has become a prime destination for one of the fastest-growing communities of dominican americans, who have become the city’s largest ethnic group. The puerto rican american population has established a highly significant presence as well.

If your church is seeking assistance with enhancing security measures, feel free to contact us at Our team specializes in providing comprehensive safety solutions for churches, schools, and businesses. We are dedicated to helping you create a secure and welcoming environment that allows your congregation to worship and grow with peace of mind.

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