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Best Practices for School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Planning

The increasing incidence of school shootings has sparked a nationwide conversation about school safety. Parents frequently urge school boards and superintendents to enhance their school safety plans, security measures, and emergency protocols. It’s crucial for school administrators to actively discuss school safety and periodically review their strategies to ensure alignment with established best practices.

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School Safety: 13 Essentials for Your Lockdown Plans

On any given day, your active threat response plan may be the most important thing you do. There is no perfect plan for everyone as all school campuses are different. A delay in communication or decision making could result in more injuries. Administrators must adjust resources to fit the needs of our schools. When it comes to school safety, we should not accept anything less than the absolute best plan we can create. The following are items that are essential considerations for your perfect lockdown plan. Keeping people safe is the most important thing we do!

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Essential Guide for Enhancing Church Security

Houses of worship have traditionally served as sanctuaries of solace, community, and refuge for individuals from diverse backgrounds. However, an alarming rise in violent incidents at churches in recent years has heightened concerns about the safety of parishioners. This guide delves into the critical importance of church security offering actionable strategies and insights to enhance protective measures.

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